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What is YOUR time?

Lesley Meryn has inherited a farm in Yorkshire. This farm holds a secret. The truth lies below. It's a creation which is the life's work of Miles Sherwood. And he will do whatever is necessary to keep it a secret and keep it his.

He needs to keep it secret for many reasons, first no one would believe it, but then to make it public would expose him to men who have been on his trail for more than twenty years. This is a mechanic, quantum, who has a target on his back and is on the shit list of several Midlands gansters, especially the notorious Tony T. P. Tony T.P. believes Miles stole a great deal of money from him and wants it back.

Lesley Meryn and Miles Sherwood have Time Frame, and with it the ability to travel through time. Things are new, a little bumpy in the begining, but their futures may be spent in the past, and quite possibly in the future. For now, they've traveled to the 18th century, but as time goes by the past will open up for them.

Have YOU ever thought of when you would go if you had the chance to travel through time? Where you would go? What would you want to see? Who would you want to meet? Would you want to watch history as it happens, or take tea with a famous literary figure?


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